Travelling with kids – What to do with kids on a rainy day

26 cheap or free things to do with kids on a rainy day on your next holiday

Have you ever been left wondering what to do with kids on a rainy day when on holiday? Have you ever had one of those family vacations where it has rained most of the time? I bet most of us have been there!

Perhaps not so bad when we are young, pre-kids, but once the kids come along you might be left wondering what to do with kids on a rainy day?

We sure have had our fair share of crap weather on many of our family vacations, couped up in the caravan waiting for a break in the weather.   Over the years we have developed a great list of things to do with kids on rainy days.


What to do with kids on a rainy day while on holiday



These ideas are based on our caravan trips so some items may not be suitable for other types of holidays, although it may still be possible to have a bake off if you are tenting it.

Things to do with kids on a rainy day

  1. Visit the local Museum
  2. Visit the local library
  3. Take the kids to the local indoor swimming pools – cheap and will fill in hours!
  4. Go hiking in the rain! – It just adds to the adventure!
  5. Make a movie – Write a short play, and get the whole family to perform the play!
  6. Or make a video blog!
  7. Catch up on diary writing (yes kids too!), homeschooling or unschooling, emails, blog, reading
  8. Play a card game (as this is a must have item in any situation), snap, the last card, remember, fish, Maid
  9. Teach them a new card game!
  10. Play a board game – Monopoly is great as it can take a long time to finish! Get the travel version.
  11. Do a large puzzle!
  12. Have a bake-off!
  13. Get the kids to make their own playdough then spend hours playing with it!
  14. Hold a Lego competition – we don’t leave home without it
  15. Build towers out of the cards and have a competition to see who can build the tallest
  16. Do some of their activity pack – puzzle book, crosswords, word finders, mazes etc.
  17. Play noughts and crosses, knucklebones or hangman, or your own form of Pictionary.
  18. Charades – a family favourite. You don’t need to buy the game set but it can help with the younger ones!
  19. Have a Party! Music, wine (for the adults) – let the kids pick their favourite tunes, show them your dance moves.
  20. Have a meaningful conversation
  21. Hold a debate
  22. Clean house (or caravan) – Have a cleaning session and sort out of cupboards – I call this re-grouping!
  23. Write a blog
  24. Take a trip to the laundromat
  25. Read a book – or a Kindle
  26. Electronic game time – but remember to limit the amount of screen time.


When there is a break in the weather

If you are cooped up in a caravan or a hut in the backcountry, seize the opportunity as soon as there is a break in the weather to get outside for a stretch and some fresh air.  Get some outside jobs done that need doing, kids could jump on their bikes for a blat, even if it’s just to take the rubbish to the bin.


Be prepared is key

As every Mum knows, when it comes to kids, being prepared is everything!  Ensure you have the items you need to keep the kids entertained if the weather turns sour on your next adventure.

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What are some of the things you do with kids on a rainy day while on holiday?

List some of your favourite things to do on a rainy day when travelling with kids on a holiday.  Add your comments to the comments box below and give us some new ideas!


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