Saving Money – The road to financial freedom

Did you know that “Saving Money” should be one of the first things on your budget?

There are many ways to save money, big and small, and you’ve all heard of the saying “every little bit helps”. For some people, putting away $10 a week is a huge achievement. For others, it could be as much as nearly 50% of their weekly wage or family income.

Whatever the amount is, if you are determined to reach your financial goals, then “Savings” should be the first thing you list on your budget worksheet under “Expenses”. This way you are sure to meet you Savings goals, and you make the budget work with what is left over.


What motivates you to save money?

Does having a goal or a dream help motivate you into saving money? Having an actual figure to aim for is even better. It gives you direction and a target to aim for and helps you keep focused on your ultimate goal.


Saving money to save you

Life sometimes throws us some curveballs and it’s a good idea to be prepared for them.

Having savings to fall back on in an emergency helps you avoid the dreaded “d” word (debt) thus reducing financial pressure and stress, thus saving any strain on a relationship.  It’s a win-win!

Saving money for the senior years

It’s a good idea to start saving for your retirement at a very young age. A good little nest egg put away for your retirement will make the later years a lot easier and more comfortable. The sooner you start saving for your retirement the easier it is to continue to do so throughout your adulthood.

Here are some ideas on how you can save money in your everyday life.

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Tips on saving money


Changing the way you live to save money

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