Long term travel – Have you got what it takes to take on the world?

Long term travel absolutely fascinates me. To actually know and see families doing it and on a budget is even more exciting! It means that it doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore! It is achievable and there are many families out there doing it showing us the way.

Long term travel is becoming a more acceptable way of life now providing possibly the best education a child can get and so many are now doing or considering it!

In some cases, the families have sold off all their worldly belongings and headed off overseas for long term travel to explore the world together as a family, and on a budget, not knowing what the future holds!

So just how do these families do it? How do they plan for an adventure like this? How do they support this amazing lifestyle? We ask all the burning questions that you are yearning to know the answers to about long term travel, especially with kids!

Below are some of the couples and families that I have been following and who have inspired me to think big! I have been lucky enough to be able to interview some of these amazing families so be sure to click on their interview below!


Morgans Go TravellingThe Morgans Go Travelling – A NZ family of six who travelled the world for 14 amazing months. They sold all of their possessions and visited 25 countries. Check out their blog for details on their adventures and more importantly a break down of costs!

>> Click here for the Interview with the Morgans Go Travelling




An Austin Adventure - Long term family world travelAustin Adventures – 1 Dad, 1 Mum, 4 kids, 1 World. A family of six, from Papamoa, NZ decided to take a year out from the daily grind to explore the world! You can follow their adventures here.





Just Six Backpacks – A family of six from Papamoa, NZ decided to take a year off from work and school to explore the world! Follow their amazing adventures here.


Nate & Hannah – Nate & Hannah stumbled across long term world travel after going on holiday! Nate was a plumber and Hannah had a large student debt after spending years studying to be an Accountant.


World Travel Family – This family of four have been travelling full-time since 2013. Their blog is packed with tonnes of inspirational posts to guide and help you take that leap.  They show us how they travelled the world for a year on a budget of just $35,000!


Ocean Family Roadtrip – A family of five road schooling across America.


Crazy Family Adventure – Craig & Bryanna travel full-time in their RV with their 4 kids and 2 fur babies. Bryanna started a successful Virtual Assistant business to fund their travels long-term.


YTravelBlog – Caz and Craig have been travelling on and off for 16 years. They now travel with their two children and have visited over 50 countries! They offer loads of information and guidance on their blog.


Traveling families – we want to hear from you!

If you are taking on long-term world travel with your family, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to be featured on this page or would like to contribute a guest post on your experiences and adventures we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by visiting our Contact Us page.