Lake Lyndon – An overnight quickee turns into the best night out

A summers evening at Lake Lyndon

Why is it that always the unplanned get together or outings are always the best? Well, same goes for our last minute decision to go to Lake Lyndon for the night.

We wouldn’t normally go away for just one night, there is just so much to pack into the caravan. But on this perfect summers day, it was well worth the effort!

We just did a quick pack, didn’t think too much about it and it was done.


Lake Lyndon – Here we come!

Lake Lyndon is about a 45-minute drive from home and it had been a great summers day at home.  So we grabbed a few things, chucked the kayaks on, hooked up the caravan and bundled the kids into the car and off we went.

We set up camp and enjoyed some much needed RnR. The weather was fantastic, and we all had turns at going out in the kayak trying to catch a trout for dinner.  We saw some jumping but I don’t think they liked our offerings.  The kids played with some neighbouring kids and we had a good ole barbie for dinner.

It really was the perfect summers evening.  So perfect that we were still kayaking at 10 pm at night!  Yep – that’s right, down in the South Island in summer it doesn’t get dark until after 10 pm.

Late night kayaking on Lake Lyndon
Late night kayaking on Lake Lyndon

The next day

The following day wasn’t quite the same thou. It was overcast and a new crowd had arrived and lit a larger than normal fire that blew right towards us. So after our most magical evening at Lake Lyndon we decided to pack up and head on home.

Every time we return to the Lake it always looks so different.  It has never looked or felt like it did that evening.  The levels of the lake depend on what time of the year it is and are different every time we visit.  On that magical evening, we spent there it was just perfect – the weather, the neighbours, the level of the lake.  It truly was the most magical evening and I am so glad that we got to experience it that way.



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