Kids travel games – Perfect for the travelling minimalist

Small, lightweight kids travel games – ideal for your next adventure when baggage space is limited.

It can be hard at the best of times to entertain your children, let alone when you are away from the comforts of your own home and all their toys.  If you go away regularly like we do, you will need to invest in some great kids travel games to take away with you.

These kids travel games don’t take up too much room as they are lightweight and compact. Ideal for an overseas holiday, or an overnight hike where baggage space is limited. That is great if you end up having to carry the kids’ travel games around in your backpack!



Best kids travel games – ideal for the minimalist

Criteria for this list – the kids travel games must be small, lightweight and compact.  Perhaps multifunctional if possible.

Deck of cards – an absolute essential item for any kind of travel. Tip: stow away in a zip lock plastic bag. Have you tried Uno?

Small pad and pen or Journal – you can play Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, Make a Fortune Teller, play pictionary, write notes to each other, doodle, or if it comes down to it write a survival message!

Handgames – Peanuckle, rock paper scissors, shadow shapes with your torch

Spotlight – one should always travel with a torch regardless and you can also play spotlight with it and kids love it! Check out some of the head torches available on Amazon.

Cooking marshmellows – making thin jims – okay not a game but it’s still super fun and the kids just love playing with the campfire.

Knuckle bones – I would avoid the metal knucklebones because its lightweight we are going for here

Marbles – Perhaps not the lightest small travel toy around, but popular with the boys.

Travel sets – chess, draughts, connect 4, come in super small and lightweight sets and if your space permits you could go for a 6-in-1 Travel Magnetic Game set.


Check out my blog on Kids Car Games.  You can also play a load of these and no props needed!  You can play these while you are waiting at the airport, or in the hotel room, or in the tent on a rainy day!



What are some of your favourite small and lightweight kids travel games that you use on your family adventures? Add yours in the Comments Box below.










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