Kids Car Games – Great ideas to keep kids entertained on a long road trip

15+ Kids car game ideas to keep the critters entertained for your next long road trip.

Are you heading out on a long drive with the kids and need some kids car games to keep them entertained?

Do your kids get niggly and restless when couped up in the car for hours on end?  Do they drive you insane with their fighting and whining? This is cabin fever extreme! You need some great kids car games to keep them occupied and you sane!

I as

ked our kids what some of their favourite kids car games are that we play on our long road trips. Below is a list of what they came up with.

I am sure that you will be familiar with some of these kids car games but I hope you find at least one if not more that you haven’t tried yet.


Leave a comment – tell us and others your favourite kids car games

Feel free to let me know in the comment box at the end of this post if some of these are new to you or if you have new ones you would like to share with me! We are always looking for new kids car games to play while travelling with the kids.

I will continue adding new games all the time so be sure to check back with us again at a later date for some more new ideas.


The list of great kids car games

The alphabet game

This is one of our favourites and play it almost on every trip!  Someone picks a topic and each member of the family takes a turn to call out the word starting with the next letter of the alphabet.  Some of our favourite topics are:

  • Cars
  • Dinosaurs (although my eldest son ends up playing this one pretty much by himself because he is the only one can just about name a dinosaur for every letter!)
  • Name a country
  • Name a city anywhere in the world (or a Capital)
  • Name a New Zealand town
  • Name an American State

Can you spot me

This game requires you to print off a game sheet and for the child to have a pen or marker in the vehicle with them.  As we see items that are on the Spot List we tick them off.  You can have as many or little as you want depending on the age of the kids or length of the trip. Download your free sample here.

Eye spy with my little eye…

An oldie but a goodie!  If you don’t know how to play Eye Spy with my little eye… let me know!

20 Questions

Think of an object, it can be anything you want but try to be a little general. The first question the players will ask is: “Is it an Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?”  The players then take turns to ask Yes/No questions about the object. They only have 20 questions to try and narrow it down and guess what the object/item to win.

Build a story…

Each person in the family takes a turn to say one sentence.  The story must flow and make sense. It can be quite funny and amazing what the kids can come up with.  Let their imagination run wild!

Do you remember…

Talk about where they have been – which holidays do they remember?  Which one is their favourite?  How many of the place names can they remember? We love to reminisce about past holidays and it is great to see which holidays the kids most enjoyed and why.  This can help with future planning of holidays too!

Hold a debate

Hold a debate – just don’t let the driver get too heated.  It is healthy to teach your kids to learn how to have a debate on something they feel passionate about.  Decide on a topic where there are some difference of opinions and flesh it out in a controlled turn taking way.

On the day you were born…

Tell your kids the story of the day they were born.  My kids love hearing what happened on the day they were born and the days following.  Who got to go for a ride in an ambulance and who didn’t.  Where they were born, and the birth itself.  How Dad felt when he got to hold them for the first time.  The look of horror on their faces at some of the details you choose to share is pure enjoyment on my part and the more kids you have the longer this conversation can go on for!

First one to see the water and whats the name of it?

Okay so this is probably the quickest game ever, and I’m probably pushing it to add it in here, but it’s something we play all the time.  When I know that we are nearing the water, I tell the kids beforehand.  “Okay who’s going to be the first to spot the water?” And when they do, ask them what the name of it is.  Whether it’s a lake or the ocean – which ocean is it?

Name that car

Name the make of the next car!  This is something hubby and the boys are particularly good at.  When driving around the South Island on the quieter roads, you generally have enough time between vehicles coming toward you to easily identify the make of them.  See if you can get 10 in a row?

Have a bet on what make the next vehicle is

As above, as you drive around certain parts of the South Island traffic can be few and far between.  Sometimes we play a game where we have bets on what we think the make is of the next oncoming vehicle.  No double-ups!  Each person has to choose a different make!  Whoever gets it right gets the first choice next time – because it’s always a race to choose Toyota!

Have a party!  Enjoy a sing-along!

Give your smartphone to the oldest child and see what music he plays via your Bluetooth.  Luckily for us, he has good taste!

Or try some of these Car Audio Sing A-longs CD’s – singing is great for the soul and can make everyone feel exceptionally happy. The best moment ever is when my kids are singing along with me and the radio (or CD).

Learn a language

Not exactly a game, but it can be fun trying to pronounce foreign words together!  I did a little bit of French in my High School years and I enjoy being able to teach the kids some basic words.  Why not grab yourself one of these and learn a new language together!

Listen to a story

Audio books are a great way for kids to sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.  While they are practising their listening skills, you can talk about the story later and practice their comprehension skills.

Check out some of the audio books available online or in store.

Fun education or homework

Depending on the age of your children, think about what homework they are working on at present.  We have spelling bees in the car, we sing the times tables, we practice our skip counting.  We talk about the surrounding geography and history of the areas that we are passing through, that could be historical train lines, or glaciers or famous mountain ranges or simply a famous town.

Pipe cleaning fun

A packet of crafty pipe cleaners are cheap and small and can stay in the car.  You can have design competitions or let the kids free range on them. I personally think the kids are way more creative than me!

Tell us your favourite kids car games for long road trips?

Have you got a favourite kids car game that you play with your kids on long car trips?  We would love for you to share some of the games you play! Share in the Comments box below. Thanks!



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