Hurinui River Mouth – The maiden voyage

Diary of an RV Mom – The maiden voyage – Hurunui River Mouth

The maiden voyage in our new caravan, a 1997 English Lunar Jupiter went without a hitch. We drove for approximately 2 hours to our first-weekend destination, the Hurunui River Mouth, Canterbury, NZ. We were such novices at this whole caravan thing, we weren’t even sure of where we were going or what to expect when we got there!


Hurunui River Mouth Campground

Fishing at the Hurunui River Mouth Campground

The Hurunui River Mouth campground has about 25 sites and an honesty box for payment. It is perfect for a weekend getaway for some trout and salmon fishing when they are running! There was no cell phone reception when we visited although that may have improved somewhat by now.


It was a quiet weekend at the mouth. There weren’t too many people so we found a spot relatively easily. It was great to get away together as a family and spend some quality time together away from the farm.

We pottered around the caravan testing and setting up everything. We didn’t bother setting up the awning on this trip as we were only there for two nights. Our evenings consisted of strolls along the beach and skipping stones in the river. We didn’t have much luck fishing so went for a little tiki tour to try out another spot.


Nearby places to visit

We visited nearby Gore Beach and checked out their campgrounds for future reference. Then we decided to drive over the old bridge to Nape Nape which is on the South side of the Hurunui River. It was so remote and we had the whole place to ourselves. You used to be able to camp there, but DOC closed the old campground sometime ago.

The beach was beautiful and we had it all to ourselves. Would have been perfect if the weather was warm enough to swim. But alas it was a little too cold to brave the water so the kids played happily exploring the wooden huts and lean-to’s that have been left on the beach by others.

Fishermen beach hut at Nape Nape, Hurunui River Mouth

The large cliffs to the South of Nape Nape beach reminded me of the White Cliffs of Dover in England and the kids didn’t really understand why I found them so fascinating.

White cliffs of Nape Nape, Hurunui River Mouth

We spent the rest of the afternoon just chilling, relaxing and fishing with not a care in the world! I believe that today was the day the caravanning life seed was planted into my soul!

Lessons learned on this trip:

  • Don’t sleep with your head at the same end as the toilet!
  • Single tandem caravans bounce around a lot!…when you are driving:)

All in all, our maiden voyage was a success! Here’s to planning the next getaway!

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