Diary of an RV Mom – A journal of our family travels around New Zealand

Diary_of_an_RV_MomI always wanted to keep a diary, but after I got a cramp in my hand after the first paragraph I quickly gave up on that idea!  Instead, I’ve had to rely on our photos to tell the story, which, years later, is still buried somewhere on my computer and we hardly ever see them!


I’m an RV Mom!

Welcome to Diary of an RV Mom, a personal blog about our family caravan trips around the South Island, New Zealand, and my personal mission to sort my holiday snaps.


Where it all began

In September 2012 we decided that after hubby works 60 hours plus a week on the farm the last thing we wanted to do was to go to our 10-acre block up the road and do more work!

We had recently moved to the South Island and there was soooo much to see and do!  How was I ever going to fit it all in when he worked every second weekend as well?  There just wasn’t any time left to do anything remotely exciting or adventurous.  And with three young children starting to become more and more independent, my soul was starting to burst in earnest for adventure!


The solution

The solution to this problem was to sell the block and buy a caravan, which meant upgrading the car as well. Luckily hubby was on board with this idea and it was going to mean we could spend his weekends off touring the South Island. At the time we were conveniently located very central in the South Island at Oxford, about 1 hours drive inland from Christchurch.  This would mean that we could travel North, South, East or West for weekends away. There was loads to see and do!


The new caravan

So we sold the block, upgraded the vehicle and soon, we were pretty excited to be owners of an older style English caravan.  They were within our budget and they were freehold. The_new_caravan

As we pulled out of the sales lot, beaming faces, there was an almighty grinding or crunching noise! A bit of cursing and a worried look toward each other, as we immediately pulled over.  We thought we had ripped the back of the caravan off by the sound of it!  Crikey!

Luckily it was just the back stabilisers had scraped on the driveway! The guy gave us the plastic foot that had ripped off and sent us on our merry way, “She’ll be right” he said.  Great start we thought!  It was okay thou, it was just a plastic foot, we could stick a block of wood under it if we had to!

We didn’t name her as some do.  It was just “she”.  “She” was a great little caravan for our first. Introducing us to the world of caravanning, and giving us a crash course on owning and maintaining one at the same time! She was self-contained with a shower and toilet, but with a family of five, we were lucky to get three days out of the toilet before having to empty.

The caravan had two separate dining areas that converted to beds and bunks, which was great as the kids had their own play area during the day so we could still relax in the “lounge”.  She worked well for our little family for a few years while the kids were young – until I got tired of making up 5 beds every night!  More on the upgrade later.


Needless to say, I got busy planning the first trip!

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