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Do you dream of personal financial freedom, or looking for ways to pay down debt fast? Perhaps you are looking for ways to manage the family budget better. Or maybe your dreams sway toward more travel and adventure? Or simply just a better way of living – Tiny Home or Off Grid living perhaps? Perhaps you too are looking for a way to bring in a little extra cash for the family budget to help make ends meet like me.


About CellHiya! I’m Cell

Those are all of my dreams too and if you and I have one of these in common then I am sure there will be something here that can help you to get one step closer to achieving your dreams too. Every little bit helps right?

I have always been pretty frugal with money but my husband is the total opposite! With some strict budgeting and savings, and reinventing our life a couple of times, we managed to pay off all our debt, buy a caravan and have travelled most of the South Island with our three children while working on dairy farms.


Life on the road

Caravanning transforms our family dynamics into something else, and I want this for you too! The memories we have made, the times that we have bonded, the places we have explored and the experiences our children remember are undeniably the best things in life. And I don’t want it to ever end – I just wish we could do it full-time!

You too can achieve your goals of financial freedom for a better life. It takes focus and commitment but the end goal is truly amazing.

If you constantly struggle to save for that holiday or pay off debt, I have some tips and tricks that I can share with you to pay that debt off faster.

If you want to know more about travelling with kids, I can share some of those stories too!

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A little bit about us

We used to live in a big city, with a big mortgage and it was always a struggle to make ends meet. With a hubby that liked to spend, and me, the complete opposite, we didn’t always see eye to eye about our finances. Stuck in jobs in a big city, the kids were afraid of cats and dogs and we couldn’t even walk to the local park anymore, mounting debt and no adventure! Sound familiar?

It got me thinking that there has got to be a better way of life than this?  This isn’t what I wanted to do for the next 20 or 40 years!

So we reinvented our life. At eight months pregnant with our third child, we sold our house in the city, packed everything into a shipping container and moved to the country! The South Island to be precise, and got into dairy farming. Most of our family was still in the North Island and thought we were crazy! I mean, geez I was just about to have a baby! But I knew if we didn’t do this now I was never going to get out of that rat race and never be able to see the South Island and I so wanted to travel and explore and have adventures! We had spent the last 10 years in the city doing nothing but paying off a big fat mortgage and getting nowhere and going nowhere.


Childhood dream acheived!

Turns out, moving to the other end of the country was the best thing we ever did for our family.  City folk come country bumpkins we were. As we moved from job to job over the next few years, I soon realised that I had become my childhood dream – a farmers wife, stay at home Mum with kids. Just not the 10 kids… we stopped at three!

We bought a 10-acre lot of land and had visions of a self-sufficient lifestyle, but we soon realised that farming life didn’t leave a lot of time to do all the fun stuff.  Hubby worked 60 hours plus and only had every second weekend off. Rather than working our own plot of land we wanted to explore this magnificent country that we live in.  So it wasn’t long before we decided to sell the land and we bought our first caravan!

The rest is history! We just go caravanning whenever we possibly can in between hubby’s work. Now we have the travel bug so bad and I have this itch that I just want to explore every inch of the country and don’t want to miss out on anything!

Who knows, this just might be our next family adventure.  Is it time to reinvent our life again? The next chapter could be – Full time living on the road – you’ll have to watch this space!


Tonnes of great tips and tricks coming your way

As I build my blog I will be adding a tonne of awesome tips and tricks that we have used over the years to achieve our goals of travelling more with our family and having loads of adventures!


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